Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Class Act: Cabelas wants to help even though they are not at fault.

I received this email from a customer service rep at Cabelas:


I understand you want to return you REMOTE START GENERATOR: 4750W.

That the box is so damaged that UPS will not pick it up.

I have tried to see if we had extra boxes to send you one. We do not.

I hate to ask for you to have to find one and if you do we would be happy

To reimburse  you for the cost  and a gift certificate for your trouble.

Then I can issue a call tag to have UPS come pick it up.  If you will let me know when
It is ready for pick up.

Please let me know if this is possible

Thank you for shopping Cabelas Inc.

And my reply:

I do appreciate your offer, but I am content to let UPS hang itself on this one. They continue to do a fine job of that.

Cabelas is a fine company I have enjoyed doing business with for years.

I do believe, however, that it is a serious corporate management mistake to entrust large or heavy items to them: generators, gun safes etc.

Federal Express Freight is far better equipped to handle this sort of cargo. See this post for an example:
The dream kitchen that FedEx Freight helped build (That UPS would have destroyed).

Keep an eye on the web site because we will probably shoot a video tomorrow of us taping the original box back together so that UPS no longer has an excuse to jerk us around.

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