Thursday, September 24, 2015

No integrated internal UPS information system a bad sign for shareholders

This call (transcript below) came in early this morning. It shows that UPS is still not communicating complete set of facts to all involved. A sign of bad management.

Significantly, Steve was not aware that a pick-up tag had already been created on Sept. 22 when UPS originally came to pick up the generator ... and informed me that it must be in the original box.

That was described here in this first post of this web site: UPS: Incompetent, destructive, arrogant and consumer-hostile. And puts workers at risk.

No one is doing their homework and there is no communication among any of the parts.

This absence of an integrated internal corporate information system is a bad sign if you are a UPS shareholder.

Indicative of a shaky corporate culture 


And still indicative of a shabby corporate culture that cares so little about customers that they will not depart from an overly rigid book of bureaucratic regulations to rectify their own mistakes.

The failure to accept responsibility for mistakes and make things right is a sign of a company headed for trouble. Especially when competitors like Federal Express are ready to step up and take market share.

Update 7:19 a.m. Sep 24

Spoke with Steve. Another very nice employee stuck with a rigid corporate script.

Explained to him -- as with every other UPS employee I have communicated with -- that they made a mess and they need to clean it up.


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