Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The dream kitchen that FedEx Freight helped build (That UPS would have destroyed)

This is the dream kitchen we built. (Click here to see why this would have been hell to do if things had been delivered by UPS)

 I mean we BUILT (all but the frame)  ... the whole family laid the floors, built the cabinets and book shelves, window and door trim ...  installed everything but the dishwashers.

FedEx Freight delivered most everything you see:  the dishwashers, cook top, ovens, refrigerator, the vent hood, sinks, faucets, parts for the cabinets, microwave oven.

And they did it without a ding, scrape or scratch.

As appropriate for large items (and worker safety), FedEx Freight's trucks had tailgate lifts and appropriate material handling dollies and hand carts.

Just a reminder if you want it in one piece, go FedEx Freight and not UPS (UPS: Incompetent, destructive, arrogant and consumer-hostile. And puts workers at risk.)

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