Thursday, September 24, 2015

UPS: finally concerned about worker safety, may not pick up mangled generator after all

When the box first arrived, it was held together by a half dozen strong, half-inch-wide straps that went all around the box on every axis. I do not have access to something like that.
This is a good generator and I may end up driving to the Cabelas in Reno to get one.

I finally decided that the nuisance value of the generator that UPS mutilated was worth just getting rid of.

So, I used two rolls of heavy-duty packing tape, pieced the ORIGINAL box together as instructed by UPS then called Steve (first referenced here) at the local UPS shipping center to have someone come get it.

I recommended that they send two people because -- due to UPS's own shipping errors -- the original packaging was in bad shape.

Not only that, but the generator is a large and unwieldy 139 pounds and would be more safely handled by two people.

I take worker safety seriously even if they are not on my payroll.

So, after I have complied with everything that UPS has demanded for a pickup, (referenced in most posts on this site) Steve told me on the phone at 9:16 a.m. this morning that someone would come out and take a look, but no guarantees that they will take it away.

Yeah, I finally got pissed off and hung up. Sorry Steve. You are on the receiving end of a really pathetic corporate culture.

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