Friday, September 25, 2015

UPS now dishonest. Lied about picking up generator if re-packed in original packaging. Says won't pick it up.

This is the generator.
Reboxed in original packaging as instructed by UPS and waiting for pickup.
Looks like Godot will arrive first. UPS now says they will not come get it because it is heavy. (No kidding! I'm still in physical therapy from my shoulder surgery and have been wrestling with it to get it repackaged.)

I received a phone call from UPS today at 2:52 p.m.

The caller said that, even though I followed their instructions and re-packaged the generator in its original packaging, they would not be coming to get it because it is heavy.

First they destroyed the generator.

Then they refused to step up to the plate and come get the pieces they had left on my doorstep.

Honorable people and worthwhile companies do their best to correct their mistakes. Clearly UPS does not fit there.

They did say that they would pick it up if I repackaged it in the original packaging. See the confirmation of their promises in the following links:
 It does suck to have to clean up after someone who fails to do what they should.

But I finally relented because I wanted this unpleasant episode over -- along with the hassles and loss of valuable work time. (Important because I work for myself and lose money when I have to deal with losers like UPS).

Promises made. Promises broken.


So I packaged the generator, carefully and have been waiting for UPS to finally do the minimum and get the box.

Now, they refuse to pick it up.

This is dishonest, dishonorable and something that every person and every business who considers using them should remember: you are not dealing with a quality company.

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