Friday, October 2, 2015

UPS's douche-bag behavior: Irresponsible, unreliable, negligent, unresponsive, destructive

Update Friday, October 2, 2015

United Parcel Service, which irresponsibly and negligently damaged a Cabelas generator, continues to be an unresponsive shirker. It has not picked up the generator and has dropped the matter entirely.

UPS broke it. Made a mess. Refuses to make anything right.

Cabelas, on the other hand, is arranging for a freight company to come pick up the damaged generator.

UPS: Just say "HELL NO!"

Think about this when you order something to be delivered by UPS.

If it's not something simple like a book, then you're running the risk of dealing with unreliable people who don't stand behind their services.

If you are a business, then think about how UPS may be treating your customer. This experience shows that UPS cannot be trusted.

You risk losing business and customers if you use UPS.

The whole story of UPS douche-baggery

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